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Michelle Myers

Owner & Supervising Coordinator

Michelle launched the wedding planning business in 2013. Planning weddings and events brings her so much joy! Even as a little girl, she enjoyed setting the table ever so precisely for holiday meals, preparing and serving hors d’oeuvres, and choosing party favors and color schemes. Michelle is passionate about her work, and has a detail-oriented approach to all tasks. While being highly organized and a perfectionist, she makes sure preparations are made for every final detail, leaving her clients calm, happy, and free to enjoy each moment of the day. Michelle is dedicated to her clients and will limit monthly events so that she is providing her full attention and service to you.

Meet Our Team of 

Michelle's Main Event 
Wedding Professionals

Brandy Mowery.JPG

Brandy Mowery
Wedding Coordinator


Andrea Obleas
Wedding Coordinator


Brittany Strosnider
Wedding Coordinator


Onna Keller
Wedding Coordinator


Reagan Perkins
Wedding Coordinator

What Clients Say

"Michelle and Emily were a dream to work with. From the moment Michelle's Main Event took over, my stress was relieved!"
- Kim
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